Birth Sessions

What is Birth Photography?

By the most basic definition, birth photography is the visual documentation of your labor, delivery, and immediate postpartum moments… Really though, it’s so much more than that!

It is the preservation of all the biggest moments, the first breath, the first snuggles, the first kiss, the first latch. Even the quiet simple moments like the way your husband brushes the hair off your forehead during your contractions, the way you absentmindedly touch your belly as your ready to meet your little one, the way your supportive doula her support, the curious nature or excitement of an older sibling. Little details like wrinkly feet, sleepy yawns, tiny fingernails, and so much more.

Memories can fade with time and I want you to remember all these precious moments <3


I try to keep my process as simple as possible!

  1. Initial Conversation – First you & I will chat about what you are looking for in your birth session, where you will labor, any other professionals you are working with, ect.
  2. Contract – Once we decide on your session date & time, I will send you my online contract. You can easily fill it out on your phone or computer. Once it is received an invoice for 50% will auto send to you. This is a retainer that holds your on-call time in my calendar.
  3. Birth Session! I capture all the amazing moments!
  4. Editing – I spend lots of time going through your session finding the perfect photos. On average I take 800 images per birth session. I find the images showing you and/or your spouse in the best ways, making sure focus, lighting and everything is perfect. I tend to take duplicate images to make sure I get great ones without blinking ect.  This typically gives you an average of 100 images that I then take through and edit. Then I take all those photos and start my magic! I edit away any stray hairs, acne, scratches, ect. I touch up clothing wrinkles and any other small items. I want to showcase your family in the best way I can without overly photoshopping anyone. I do this in amazing color & artistic black/white.
  5. Gallery – I upload all of your photos into your online gallery. I then can send you the link and upload a preview to social media as well. Through the gallery you can download all the high resolution files for printing, download all the low resolution for Facebook, share with family & friends, turn your gallery into a mobile app, and order more prints & other amazing products.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will you post all the images online?

Only if you let me, but most of my clients do. I love capturing these moments and seeing birth stories unfold. It is such a powerful and beautiful thing to be apart of. I think its wonderful to share with others to show women what real birth experiences can be like.

Do we meet ahead of time?

Yes! Absolutely. I love meeting my clients for coffee or tea to go over any questions. Most of my clients become long time friends and I am happy for that. I want to make sure that you are comfortable with me and my style so that we can have a positive experience together.

When do I come to the birth place?

Typically, when you are in active labor. We will discuss this during our first meeting. The sweet spot is usually 4-6cm or when your contracts are getting close around 4mins and pretty regular. I have older children and my photography business is my full time job, so I do not have any barriers that prevent me from coming right away.

What types of births will I photograph?

I am happy to photograph births at birth centers, homes, or hospitals. I work with lots of professionals in the perinatal network in Marion County and the surrounding counties as well.

Sharin White

My absolute favourite photographer for all types of photography, from family, birth, wedding, headshots, and special events!

Amber Wheeler

Lacy is sweet, caring and she is just amazing. She is hands down the best !!!!!

Catelyn Manley

Lacy is very flexible for her photography sessions – she is easy to work with and always puts her clients first!

Shelly M. 

She is amazing with kids. Super sweet down to earth person and her work is awesome

Premium Birth Story

  • Birth Plan Meeting
  • On-call for 2 weeks prior to due date and then until delivery
  • Scheduled backup photographer
  • Birth Coverage (anywhere from 2 hrs – 14+hrs coverage)
  • Fresh 48 Session with family & friends within 2 days of birth ($250 Value)
  • 30+ hours of professional editing
  • All edited digital images(minimum of 100)
  • Print release
  • Online gallery for download.
  • 10×10 Linen Album ($200 Value)
  • 5×7 Digital Birth Announcement for printing
  • Video Collage of Images set to music



Standard Birth Story

  • Birth Plan Meeting
  • On-call for 2 weeks prior to due date and then until delivery
  • Scheduled backup photographer
  • Birth Coverage (anywhere from 2hrs-14+hrs coverage)
  • 30+ hours of professional editing
  • All edited digital images(minimum of 75)
  • Print release
  • Online gallery for download.
  • $1250

All Birth Story Packages include a discount of $50 on either a maternity session or newborn session.