How & Why I LOVE to edit fun geeky stuff!

I seriously love when clients ask me to edit fun geeky stuff for their photography session! It does take a lot more time and work on my part afterwards but I love digital painting!  I travel all over the midwest and beyond to create amazing work for my clients. I was asked recently by a client if they could see more before and after images. So I decided to write a blog and include those images plus a few FAQs.

Wonder Woman Cosplay Edit by Lacy Clagg Photography Midwest Photographer

So what makes me different than any other photographer that shoots cosplay or fandom photography?

I am a GEEK too! Do you want to talk about Star Trek Catan? Or how my husband has a standing Wednesday night appointment for D&D? Or how my kids were learning to play WoW before they could actually read? Or how our entire loft & guest room is dedicated to all our fandom art, signed photos, and cool stuff like my wand collection!

A small selection of my favorite session themes

  • Marvel
  • DC
  • Disney
  • Fairies
  • Doctor Who
  • Harry Potter
  • World of Warcraft
  • Starcraft
  • Mortal Combat
  • Steampunk
  • Medieval
  • Star Wars
  • Pokemon
  • Assassins Creed
  • Star Trek
  • Firefly
  • Dragon Age
  • Classic Games
  • Walking Dead
  • Game of Thrones
  • Elder Scrolls
  • Lord of the Rings

Harry Potter Cosplay Edit by Lacy Clagg Photography Midwest Photographer
Lacy Clagg Photography Family

← Yep, theres my geeky family!

Mike turns 15 in September and is starting high school this year. He loves comic books, coding, Munchkin, & video games! He really wants to get into designing his own games too!

Joey is 13 this year and is finishing out his last year of middle school. He is really into Warcraft 3, studying bugs in his microscope, cooking, & building things.

Joe, my hubby & high school sweetheart, is in finance and is crazy amazing with numbers. You can find him playing Dead by Daylight or Civilizations, hanging out watching UFC or some random sports thing I know nothing about, playing D&D with his cousins at Family Time Games, or reading some comics.

ME! If I am not busy shooting or editing you will find me drinking gallons of coffee, hanging out with cool geeky friends like Cheyenne of Nerdy Fox Rentals, playing board or deck building games with my friends and family, or eating LOL I do love all my food. No joke, I will love you if you bring me baked goods.

StarWars Cosplay Edit by Lacy Clagg Photography Midwest Photographer

Whats my process on cool edits like this?

  1. Conversation. If this is a shoot for a client that I am designing around them then I need to discuss every detail with them. I need to know what they are wanting in regards to pose, feel, colors, emotions, ect.
  2. Concept. Before I even think about shooting I visualize what I want the end photo to look like. Thinking hard about the colors, lighting, pose, fabric textures, ect. Once I have an idea of how I want the end art to be I can start.
  3. Setup. I want to work smarter not harder. This means making sure things light my studio lighting is set up correctly. That I have a clean cut out that I can work from. Making sure I am using the correct lenses so that details are sharp and in focus.
  4. Shooting. Working with the client, I make sure that I am capturing the right emotion and verifying this by showing my client as we work. I want everyone to love their pieces as much as I do!
  5. Postwork. This is the long part! Using my skills and years of experience in photoshop I digitally paint and work on the photos. Dodge, Burn, Masks, Liquify, and so much more! Layers and layers of adding and changing and painting! I want to make sure the light sabers are crackling with light, bracers are gleaming, & sonic screwdrivers and glowing! This literally can take hours to work on. I am a perfectionist when it comes to creating art pieces like this.
  6. Reveal. The big reveal to my clients is what I look forward to! I can’t wait to share to social media so that they see the art and so does their friends & family. I get absolutely giddy when I see comments talking about how cool the client looks!

Superman Cosplay Edit by Lacy Clagg Photography Midwest Photographer

Do you have more questions on my editing or styles just comment below!

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17 thoughts on “How & Why I LOVE to edit fun geeky stuff!

  1. This is such a neat idea! I guess I’m not geeky enough but I had never heard of cosplay before :). If I were in the Midwest though and needed a cosplay photographer my husband would love this type of shoot!

    1. I bet! You don’t even have to be geeky! You can cosplay anything you like whether its a sports character, tv show, whatever! Anything goes and thats what makes it amazing!

  2. Ooh! I love these edits! They are so well done, and it really helps to see the before and after. I appreciate you showing up and being authentic to who you are!

  3. What a fun and interesting blog post! I loved learning more about your photography process and yourself. Your editing is really cool! You’re an awesome Midwest cosplay photographer!

  4. The Midwest is lucky to have a cosplay photographer like you! These were so much fun to look at! I think the Wonder Woman shot is my favorite, so cool!

  5. I just love creative editing like this! Way to think outside of the box. Indiana is lucky to have you as a photographer for families and creative shoots like this. So cool!

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